How I get things done with my simple daily planning habit

People often comment on my ability to get stuff done and ask me how I do it without completely stressing out. To be honest, I don’t always feel I am as much in control of things as people perceive and am probably more like that… Read more

What good have I done today?

Benjamin Franklin was a productivity powerhouse of his day. A polymath who succeeded in a range of professional roles, including newspaper publisher, postmaster, scientist, politician and statesman – he was very active civically and of course was one of the founding fathers for the United… Read more

Am I productive?

Are you productive? Do you think you’re accomplishing things that truly move the needle? Or do you get that funny feeling that you might be too busy being busy to be making any significant progress? It’s an interesting question. How do you know how productive… Read more

Why do you want to be more productive?

I used to think productivity was about getting more stuff done. Looking back now, I was like the classic Dilbert-type middle manager, constantly fire-fighting conflicting demands that kept finding their way to me. There was one project that I led on that nearly burnt me… Read more

What is productivity?

There are many definitions of productivity, but to me it is as simple as this: Productivity = Output x Value. Outputs are the results of your labour. They are the widgets, solutions and services that customers consume. Value is all about usefulness and benefit customers… Read more