The life goal canvas

Investing the time to formulate a long-term vision and associated goals significantly helps you to live with purpose and be more mindful about the way you spend your time day-to-day. But over time, it’s easy to become distracted or to lose sight of those outcomes… Read more

The GROW model

The GROW Model provides a very simple framework for goal setting and strategy development. Whilst its most common use is for coaching and mentoring, the simplicity of the model makes it handy for lots of other things, including: Personal development Change management Business growth Team… Read more

The power of small steps

Today Dorie Clark is a successfully published author and highly regarded marketing strategist who can charge clients like Google, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley $6,000 dollars a time for her half-day workshops and is frequently asked to speak at high profile events. But roll back ten… Read more

One page personal plan: A simple way to stay focused on your long-term goals

Defining your long-term vision and goals is not easy; so having made the effort to set a direction for your life, how do you ensure you stay on track? Because, let’s be honest; it’s easy to get distracted – shiny, new ideas and opportunities appear… Read more

Goal systems: Why you need outcome goals, performance goals and process goals to be successful

Goals are critical for high performing individuals and teams. They provide the focus, motivation, creativity and persistence required to push people past their boundaries and achieve great things. When we think of goals, we tend to think in terms of outcome goals. These describe a… Read more