How to formulate your long-term vision and goals

More important than the ability to get things done, is the ability to get the right things done. In fact being able to cut through the noise of modern life and focus on the things that matter is a premium 21st century skill we all… Read more

How to catapult your career forward by creating time to focus

If building a successful career is important to you, then you must look for ways to deliver big wins for your organisation. Big wins are the types of breakthrough results that increase revenues and profitability, they are the transformations that enable your organisation to defend… Read more

How to stay focused

Focus drives productivity and gets results; and in our crazy age of multi-tasking, busyness and mass distraction, the ability to focus is the killer app that sets the best apart. But focus needs to be learned and practiced. You can’t just wake up one day… Read more

Mastering focus and intentional work

First Round Review recently interviewed Fidji Simo who is Facebook’s VP of Product and described by her colleagues as having the ‘uncanny ability to juggle many projects and priorities, without losing focus’. In the interview Fidji explains her philosophy of only undertaking intentional work, truly… Read more

The pruning habit

I love gardening, and I love a tidy garden; which shouldn’t come as a surprise as I am one of those orderly geeks who likes everything in its place! So I tend to spend quite a bit of my free time with my family in… Read more